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Black Jack Back in town

Black Jack Back in town 1998 cover picture

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Year: 1998

You wanted the obscure ? You got it!!! This german band has stayed under the radar for too long! This is their second cd. The first was on ebay recently fetching a nice price and rightfully so since its so rare, however this one, as rare as the first, is in my opinion is a notch above in terms of quality. Grab it while you can!


  1. Come back (mp3 sample)
  2. Beggars eyes (mp3 sample)
  3. Stand up
  4. Heroes (mp3 sample)
  5. Run or fight
  6. Wrong way
  7. Cold as ice
  8. Why
  9. Lost in circles
  10. Fright night intro
  11. Fright night
  12. Back in town
  13. Dancing star
  14. Bloody seas
  15. Time

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