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Electrichka Dark in the day

Electrichka Dark in the day 1992 cover picture

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Year: 1992

I have to say ... i've seen some pretty horrid comparisons to this one lately - a lot of ... not so good stuff ... is getting compared to this band/cd - well, time for the REAL thing! This one just oozes quality - clearly one of the best US indies i ever heard, and mega rare too - if 'black horse' doesnt make your foot tap ... its probably dead :D - Take this chance ... or wait a LONG time again. Perfect condition except for a tiny punch in the right top corner of the backcover.


  1. Rainbow spirit (mp3 sample)
  2. If
  3. The king (mp3 sample)
  4. Black horse (mp3 sample)
  5. Fading memories
  6. Tales of brave Ulysses
  7. Across your heart
  8. Broken chains
  9. Pool of pain (mp3 sample)
  10. Hallowed ground (mp3 sample)
  11. Darkest corner
  12. Standing tall

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